Friday, May 6, 2011


Before today's article, I'd like to take some time to vent about a rather unpleasant experience.  I travel often in Europe and while this info will not really have much interest for my American followers, Europeans will know what I'm talking about.  

EASYJET, is by far the worst airline I have ever used.  It bills itself as a lowcost airline, but in fact after you add all the little extras, which are included on other companies, the cost if often more enpensive than other airlines.  I recently flew from Lisbon to Paris and to me this airline is more a flying bus than an airline.  Their customer service is vertually non-existent.  Although in Lisbon the staff was a bit more accomodating and friendly, the Paris staff is totally incompetent and rude, but then everyone knows that customer service in France is a foreign word.  Aside from their usual French arrogance, the assistance from Easyjet staff did not exist.
So, for my fellow travelers, I recommend you  boycott Easyjet if you travel in Europe.  You'll arrive at your destination a much happier person with a lot less stress.

Monday, May 2, 2011


                                 TWO REALLY HOT STUDS

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