Monday, February 28, 2011


                                             LEATHER MUSCLE JOCK

                                                 SOLO ASS PLAY

                                             ADORNED PIERCED COCK

                                              THREE STUDS


Stan said...

Love "The Three Studs!" my version would be to get on all fours with my ass in the air with my mouth open and play a game of "Gay Chicken. " "closer...closer...closer!"

wisottertail said...

It's too bad that the Leather Muscle Jock doesn't know how to wear a leather harness. You never let the straps droop down like he has them! The straps are meant to be straight across and just under the pecs in order to show them off. This MAN has great pecs (and legs, too!), so it's too bad that HE loses the heightened effect of a correctly worn harness.

Leatherpigboy said...

Very fuckin HOT!! i agree with wisottertail hate when guys dont know how to wear a harness.

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